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    In our school licensed specialists will give you a subtle theoretical introduction to the new fascinating trendsport. This is organized in small tutorial groups. One of our main priorities in our practical classes besides teaching you how to control your kite is to inform you about all safety aspects of the sports and to train an adequate behaviour in cases of emergency. In order to realize a maximium of safety during the classes our school is equipped with the most up to date school kites on the market which can be adapted to all physical requirements of the students and of course to the prevalent teaching conditions

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    Check out the complete rental prices for 2012 and use the booking form to let us know if you are interested in any of our rental packages. We are happy to make you an individual offer. Just send ua a mail please and we ll find special rates.

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  • Equipment

    The newest kites, boards, sup, accessories

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  • Paddle Surf

    Without of doubt, the sport of Stand Up Paddle Surfing is exploding.

     On almost every strech of water there is somebody practising or learnig this exciting sport.

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Welcome to Adrenalin Kite Area Tarifa

You have opened this page, because you would like to get some more information about the unique sport kitesurfing, or because you are looking for some classes in your native language  (deutsch,english,espanol,italiano,français,čeština,polski,русский,ελληνικά). Maybe you have reached us because you want to get infected by the african flair of the Costa de la Luz. No matter which reason forced you to open our page we guarantee that you will be in professional hands.

Tarifas best spot

We are one of the few kitesurfingcenters in Tarifa which has direct access to the beach. Our center is located at the beautiful beach Playa de Valdevaqueros and is connected with the windsurfingcenter Spin Out. For those who are already tired from kitesurfing or the ones who just want to relax, the „Tangana Bar" offers perfect conditions with its windprotected chill out area on the beachside of our center. Thanks to our location we are able to react immediately to altering winds by quickly changing gear. Besides that we offer a very comfortable infrastructure to all our guests and clients including dressing rooms, the possibility of taking a shower and bathrooms. Furthermore we invite those who are interested in balance training, to test out our wide collection of Indoboards. Of course you will receive a professional Indoboard introduction by one of our instructors.These balancetrainers will help you to improve your coordination and more over strenghten your entire musculoskeletal system. Thanks to more than ten years of experience, we have the possibility to supply useful information about alternative activities. We have many contacts in and around Tarifa, so even if the conditions are not so charming or if you need a little break, you will be able to enjoy Tarifa at its best. For more information on this topic pass by at our center or follow the link ´Tarifa activities´.



About AKA

Founded in 1999 Adrenlin Kite Area has more than 13 years of experience, and offers their clients kitesurf courses at an elite level. As a member of the german watersporst association VDWS and the andalucian sailing association F.A.V., highly qualified instructors build the foundation of our teaching system. Therefore we offer high quality kite courses. After completing the course succesfully, every student recieves a certificate which represents the level of kiting the student has reached. By the VDWS we are qualified to test and to hand out the VDWS International Kitesrf Licence (in german and english), which is acknowledged in over 30 countries. Often this licence is required to rent equipment without any problems. If the particular instructor has reached the teacher licence of the english association IKO, he or she will be able to hand out the IKO kiteboarder card.


Lessons in your native language

Kitesurfing is our passion, teaching is our vocation and happy students are the reward for our job. Our philosophy therefore is: Efficient learning in your native language!(deutsch, english,espanol,italiano,français,čeština,polski,русский,ελληνικά) To be able to offer a high quality teaching programm, that supplies the students with the complete understanding of the sport, you will encounter an international team of instructors. We organize our courses due to our main priority, according to that most of our students are tought by a compatriot or at least by someone who is highly skilled in the aquired language. That is why it is highly important that you inform us about your language abilities during the enrollment process for a course. Only like that we can achieve our aims and guarantee you lessons in your native language.

The Syco XT

The Syco XT was originally developed as a Skateboard / Surfboard / Snowboard training device. The concept came about by analyzing the natural movement and pivot points of the human body. Multiple pivoting gimbal movements were used to replicate the free flowing movement of the body. The incorporation of a hip mounted harness provided the safety and support which allowed the rider freedom of movement in conjunction with control.

The Syco XT is the new generation of workout equipment. Never before has there been a commercially available exercise option that so effectively combines two ingredients that are of such paramount importance;

The XT produces a workout that is extremely effective across a wide range of fitness training parameters. A resistance (strength and muscular endurance) and cardio workout in one which in itself sounds great but the XT brings more workout dimensions than anything else on the market. Balance training, proprioceptive outcomes similar to the "wobble board" concept and a dynamic core training workout where the torso is moved through an almost infinite range of compound movement patterns. There truly is nothing else like it.
The XT may just be the most exciting adrenalin fueled exercise option ever! Big call you say? Well here we have a workout option with all the thrills of snowboarding (except the snow of course) without any of the risk. No falling or injuries (our harness will keep you safe at all times) and your instructor is right there beside you. The XT explodes the long-held notion that truly effective workouts are "never fun"……… just wait until you try this!

Contact Indoboard, Syco XT: [+34] 646 930 585

Syco XT

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The Syco XT

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